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Table with the results of the

analysis for the food antigens

In the table products will be

divided into three categories:


Products that are safe to consume and base your diet around.

Please be aware, there is a chance that a product that is otherwise in the "green" column may nevertheless affect your adversely. This can happen if you haven`t been exposed to the given product for a prolonged period of time.

For example, if you know that you have an allergy to oranges – you most likely have excluded them from your ration. Our test may not show an accurate result on citrus as specific antibodies were dissolved and eliminated long ago.

Products that have to be excluded temporarily.

These products show a moderate to low adverse reactions. After a month of adhering strictly to the "green" products, you may begin to re-introduce the products in the "yellow" while monitoring your reaction.

* The Yellow list is adjusted manually and only available with the purchase of "Premium with the consultation of Marina Rosenstein, PhD, CNS."

Products are permanently excluded from your diet.

These products cause a severe adverse reaction, and consequently, undue strain on your immune system. Follow-up testing (in 3-5 months of strict adherence) may return some, but not all of the products, to the "green-yellow" column for gradual re-introduction to your diet.