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With the help of the "Immunohealth test" and a unique proprietary interpretation technique (USPTO# US20100227340A1) , we develop individual nutritional recommendations for you, namely:

what foods should be excluded from the diet and for how long

how to combine the permitted foods correctly and consume them

how to replace excluded foods, how to expand your new diet, and much more.

The result of our joint efforts will be:

decreased unnecessary strain on your immune system

weight normalization without fasting, calorie counting and gruelling workouts

getting rid of most of the chronic diseases and symptoms associated with systemic inflammation due to food disadaptation.

Steps to your individual diet:


A Dry Blood Spot Collection Kit is sent to you with detailed instructions.

The sample collection is not painful at all and the whole process takes just several minutes.


Your sample is then processed at a laboratory and the data is interpreted in accordance with the ImmunoHealth methodology.

The turnaround time is typically 5-7 business days.



Your results get sent to you via email with detailed instructions on how to interpret and live in accordance with your new diet.

If additional questions arise, you can always reach out for clarification.



During the first month of dieting we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

There will be a lot initially. For example, you will be wondering about the compatibility of certain products. You can always consult with us if anything needs clarification.

If you feel the symptoms of an allergy - please promptly contact your medical provider! We test for delayed reactions, what you're experiencing is likely an immediate allergic reaction.



We recommend repeat testing.

This is important as we need to follow up on the dynamics and adjust the foods you may incorporate into your diet. Just to give an example: after the first test, you excluded avocado from your ration. In a few months, the number of avocado antibodies went down. The secondary test will demonstrate to what extent and according to the test results we will know if we need to cross out avocado from your grocery list forever.

Important: Secondary test has to be done within three - five months after the first test. If we wait too long antibodies will dissolve and we’ll lose important information about your immune system!