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PhD, Certified Nutrition Specialist,MD

(European Union & Russian Federation)

Practicing: since 1989

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Marina was born in Tomsk, USSR to a family of academics. She pursued the studies of clinical cardiology and endocrinology in the Siberian State Medical University (SibMed). As a doctor-researcher she took part in the expeditions to Central Asia and the Far North, studying the correlation between the lifestyle, food environment, food culture and the causes for the morbidity, mortality and the average lifespan in the subject populations. Marina’s PhD thesis was based on the findings from those research expeditions.

Founding of the clinic

In 2001, after more than a decade of experience as a licensed medical doctor in the European Union, Marina founded a personalized nutrition clinic in Tallinn, Estonia. The Ro Clinic ( is still catering to clients from all over the European Union.

Relocation to the USA

After moving to the US with her family in 2006, Marina received a certification as a nutrition specialist (CNS) and co-founded ImmunoHealth clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2008 USPTO granted Immunohealth the patent for “Method of analysis, detection and correction of food intolerance in humans.” The company was ahead of its time, yet still made significant headways among clients and medical practitioners alike. The company expanded to New York City in 2010.

Marina & ImmunoHealth today

Marina and ImmunoHealth, along with the international scientific team behind the methodology, are currently in the process of applying for a novel patent with the USPTO. The application builds on the existing intellectual property by encompassing now more than a decade of research and clinical case-studies, as well as software breakthroughs, that make our current test results even more comprehensive and effective.

Marina Rosenstein & Ballet school of Ilze Liepa
Marina Rosenstein & King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa