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Inflammatory diseases of a urogenital, zymotic or nonzymotic nature are closely connected to the condition of the immune system.

As has been mentioned in section 6 (immunological symptoms), often relapsing diseases, persistent against antibiotic and antiviral treatments, such as herpes, molluscum contagiosum, sores (candidosis) and other fungal diseases, and also common skin and mucus membrane infections are signs of weakened immune resistance and violation of the bacterial balance in the intestines and mucus membranes of the genitals and skin. Usually, treatment of these infections without a proper diet yields unstable and temporary results.

One of the illnesses of nonzymotic nature is urocystitis. It has been recognized for a long time now that this form of cystitis does not have a zymotic origin and cannot be treated with antibiotics. This illness is characterized by particularly severe pain symptoms and frequent painful urges for urination, which negatively affects the quality of life of the patient. This disease, relatively rare in the past, was always well-known to specialists, since it is particularly hard to treat these patients.

Along with ineffective antibacterial medication for this illness, the treatment by injections of aggressive liquids into the urinary bladder was used, as well as cauterization of the inflamed mucus membrane and even surgical interference. In recent years, statistics show that the incidence of this disease has significantly increased in certain advanced countries. Attempts to explain the nature of this illness through social factors or psychosomatic violations has yielded no results, and anti-stress treatment has proven to be ineffective. Upon the examination of tissues, inflammation of all layers of the bladder wall and expansion of the epithelial layer of the intercellular intervals was noticed, which is the reason for the increased permeability and irritation of sensitive nerve endings by acidic urine. Currently, there is much evidence of the autoimmune etiology of urocystitis. Research has demonstrated the role of immune reactions, leading to the emergence and deposit of immune complexes in tissues of the bladder, which are responsible for the inflammatory reactions and for damaging the protective layer of the mucus membrane. Experience shows a direct connection between urocystitis and the phenomenon of hidden food intolerance. After the exclusion from the diet of products which are responsible for immune reactions, a strong remission can be expected within 1-2 weeks. With the help of the ImmunoHealth™ Program, patients receive the right to control their own symptoms, and, in many cases, all the symptoms can be successfully eliminated forever.

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