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Chronic reproductive problems are often a direct result of a malfunctioning immune system.

Habitual miscarriage is one of the main problems of modern cyesiology. Currently, the statistical frequency of miscarriage is fluctuating between 10 and 25 percent. Habitual miscarriage is self-disruption of pregnancy within the first 37 weeks. One of the main reasons for it, as specialists point out, is the presence of extragenital pathologies: diabetes, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma, kidney disease (pyelonephritis) and hormonal imbalances.

Obesity is an illness characterized by excess deposits of lipids in the organism. The deposits are accompanied by incretory violations, including the misbalance of the reproductive hormones. 30-60% of women of reproductive age have excess body weight, and 25-27% suffer from obesity. Among women of reproductive age, obesity is one of the leading causes of habitual miscarriage and infertility.

It is known that reproductive problems usually occur in women who have a visceral type of fat tissue distribution as a result of which, the other components of a metabolic syndrome are formed.

In order to restore reproductive health, the main component of the treatment is the normalization of metabolic imbalances, because medical stimulation of ovulation in light of obesity does not yield positive results. Metabolic therapy is most effective in the early stages of the illness, before the formation of cystic changes in the ovaries. The decrease in body mass leads to the restoration of the reproductive function.

Usually, patients going to the cyesiologist because of infertility follow all directions very attentively, including dietary recommendations. Rational nutrition developed with such individual indicants taken into account as body weight and physical activity does not always yield desired results. In many cases, the cause of obesity is hidden food intolerance or a type III food allergy. Following the individual recommendations of the ImmunoHealth™ Program developed on the basis of data from BloodScan Test™ allows for the elimination of significant portions of fat tissue in a short period of time and without health risks and side effects. The program does not include hunger and does not lead to the loss of muscle tissue and healthy resources of the organism.

After pregnancy, the program can help avoid gestosis. During the periods of pregnancy and lactogenesis, it is especially important to get rid of circulating food antibodies, which can get to the fetus through the placenta and then through the milk into the bloodstream of the child, applying pressure to the immune system and stimulating the formation of allergic reactions.

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